Delaware Autism Schools

Find educational opportunities for children with unique learning disabilities and other behavioral/emotional needs, in USA, with a specific focus on treating the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in children, and located in the state of Delaware, USA.
Find Autism schools and other educational services sorted by region in the United States. To review all services, please visit ASD Services & Support Resources. 

Office of Early Learning, Delaware Department of Education

Autism is one of the four birth mandate classifications in Delaware. Children identified under those classifications are eligible for various support services.

Autism Initiatives - Center for Disabilities Studies

Delaware’s healthcare, education and adult services system faces numerous barriers to serving individuals with the Autism spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Brandywine Center for Autism

Empowering Children to Grow, the Brandywine Center for Autism offers educational and behavioral health services to children on the autism spectrum at two locations in Delaware.

Living On The Spectrum?
Review Available Resources

A clearing house of resourceful information specifically pertaining to individuals and their caregivers as related to ASD and other mental health conditions. 

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